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Have multiple printing and digital design needs? Here's one solution - The Little Biggest Design Company. We take care of all your printing and design needs. Not just that, we promise results that are extraordinary and beyond your expectations!

Print & Digital Design Services

Branding & Logos

Logo is the face of your brand and branding is the language. Want more visibility for your brand? Refresh, rebrand or reposition with a new visual identity for your brand. TLBDC has got your back. We present different strategic design concepts and with your inputs, create a visual identity for your company that meets your strategic and aesthetic goals.

Package and Label Design

We are experts in package and label design of your product. Our graphic designers will create a customised packaging that sets your product apart from others, with exceptional design and powerful messaging. Not only that, we ensure your product packaging is creative while sticking to your brand personality. This will pave a way for your brand towards success.


We deliver graphically stunning and remarkable infographic designs that match your brand goals and ethos. This helps attract traffic to your website. We understand your brand is unique and so we tailor-make our services just for you.

Posters / Flyers

We bring you not only trendy designs but also elegance with our poster and flyer designs. We add the perfect mix of good old experience and quirkiness to our deliverables. A message that catches the attention and a visual that compliments, we sure know how to pull in the right audience for your brand.

Toolkit layout designs

We design ideal toolkit layouts for your brands. We understand your brand guidelines and ensure that it is aligned with our final results of the toolkit layouts. We exactly know what your brand needs to achieve its defined goals. We believe quality designs can elevate your brand identity taking you closer to your goals each day!

Advert Designs

A brand that is different from others sure needs an advert that focuses on its Unique Selling Points. Our experts exactly know how to do that. We design quality adverts aligned to your brand persona. When it comes to adverts, we specialise in designing it for all the mediums. We know how to bring out the best of your brand, through captivating words and visuals.

Book Layout Designs

They say don't judge a book by it's cover, but we all know it's hardly true when it comes to buying books! Artistic and creative book covers and layout will sure make any reader curious. Our experienced design team understands the genre and background of your book and design a remarkable layout for it. Afterall, a good book wouldn't do justice without a good layout right?

T-Shirt / Fabric Print Design

We house a very experienced team of professional designers who have previously worked on renowned clothing companies. We at TLBDC are updated with the trends in the clothing industry. We deliver premium quality fabric printing and design services which help your brand grow.

Stationery Design

We understand your business goals, ideas and communication and replicate the same feel in designing. We deliver excellent stationery design and printing services to make your brand stand out from others. Whatever your design requirements, we have got you covered!

Wedding card/ Invitation Design

For a new chapter of your life to begin, everything has to be perfect - even your wedding card. This is where we come into the picture. We add the right amount of tradition and style to your wedding cards. Not just that, we also design all kinds of invitation cards, but what we don't compromise on is - the quality. We understand the emotions of the occasion and bring them to life with our stunning designs.

Presentations & Reports

Our highly experienced team knows how to turn your organisation's data, milestones, reports, analysis etc. into attractive, meaningful and easy to understand designs. We precisely incorporate all your strategies and ideas to showcase them in the best possible way. Be it presentations, pie charts or graphs, we know how to make everything look eye catchy!

Brochures, Catalogues, Banners, and Standees

We understand your business needs and design high quality brochures, catalogues and standees to catch the attention of the viewer. Our designs are the testaments to our experience and expertise. We guarantee to replicate your vision into visuals each and every time.

Why Choose LBDC for

Print & Digital



We have a dedicated team of highly trained, experienced graphic designers that are always looking to push the boundaries of imagination and creativity.


We have a fast turnaround, and are known to always deliver projects on time. Right from the quote, to the delivery of the project.


Once we take a client on-board, we are available to serve them 24x7; our team is available via phone, skype, WhatsApp, or any other communication platform you prefer.


Our graphic designers have access to the latest tools to help them create the best designs for you, whether you are looking for digital or print design.


Our prices are among the best in the market; we can give you the services of the highest level without burning a hole in your pocket.


We have some of the biggest names when it comes to clients, we have done projects for WHO, GHS, UN, Dr.Dangs, and many other established names.


All our employees sign internal non-disclosure agreements so that you have the peace of mind that your brand ideas and intellectual resources are safe with us.

Print & Digital Process

  • Discovery


    We begin with exploring the brand. We understand the personality, ethos, goals and the tone of the brand. This is where we pull up our sleeves and do the real field work.

  • Discovery


    Building a creative and quality brand strategy has always been our expertise. And this is where we put it to good use. We ensure we make the best use of insights we collected from step one.

  • Discovery


    Time to visualise whatever is on paper. We take extra care while executing the campaign. We perfectly put all the pieces together to make the bigger picture.

  • Discovery


    Launching the campaign and then analysing the results in detail. This analysis then helps in improving and shaping your next campaigns better.

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