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Motion Graphic

Motion Graphics employ the use of symbols, charts, shapes, texts, and graphical icons to communicate ideas symbolically and even abstractly. At LBDC, we create our motion graphics right from scratch - conceptualizing, storyboarding, scripting, producing and animating in-house. The concise and slick final cuts of our motion graphics videos reflect this homegrown production approach.

Our motion graphics capabilities cover short animation films, cartoon films, logo animations, infographics, explainer videos, mixed media productions, YouTube advertisements and typographical presentation. We’re your one-stop shop for all your motion graphic needs.

Animated Adverts

With the sheer volume of videos trying to get viewers’ attention, it’s increasingly becoming challenging for companies to cut through the noise. Animated Adverts do just that, distilling a brand’s message and taking it to viewers in the most visually appealing form possible. If it’s not something on your radar, it might be time to elevate your outreach with fully customized animated video content. We create awesome animated videos for clients merging their brief with our brush.

Promotional Video

We at LBDC create professional promotional videos for brands, from advertising to animation, stories to product demos; we handpick the most effective type of videos for your promos and PR.
If you need a video that could help you promote your brand, product, or campaign, you can reach out to LBDC. In the promotional videos, we put forth the best aspects of your brand for the audience to be lured. Additionally, we’ll add the most suitable graphics, animation, soundtracks, and voice-over to give it an extremely superior outlook.

Explainer video

The idea driving a successful explainer video is for the message to resonate with your target audience’s pain-points — introducing your solution as the best solution. We create explainer videos that help our clients foster brand awareness, increase conversions and generate leads.

YouTube Video Ads

With an astonishing 2 billion users, YouTube users account for more than double the total of traditional TV subscribers. YouTube video ad campaigns are a valuable tool in any marketing arsenal. Our branding, marketing and video teams combine forces to get you seen. Our video production strategy is built upon choosing the right fit for our clients’ – whether it be targeting the right audiences, Google Adword-integration or choosing and conceptualising for the most suitable format of video for our client.

2D or 3D Animation Video

Evoking emotion and creating connections with viewers - animation has the ability to uplift every kind of multimedia project. 2D and 3D modelling and design can help to demonstrate your products characteristics without the clutter that physically exists in the real-life environment. Of course, there are primary differences between the two, but be it the 3D animation or the 2D animation video, our creative team will put in all their effort to help you build trust amongst the audience. LBDC offers a wide variety of studio-quality 2D and 3D animation videos for businesses to enable the end-users to know more about your product or service.

Corporate Video

Corporate videos are a direct representation of your brand personality, steering your reputation in the business world. We create elegant and effective commercial productions across a wide range of industry sectors. Our films are production-ready for television or web distribution. Whether co-creating with a client brief or producing the video in-house, our experienced team of videographers, animators and writers bring your vision to reel life. We produce for promotional, training and commercial needs.

Whiteboard Video and Gifs

A whiteboard video gives brands a unique avenue to get their message across in a clear, concise, and compelling way. Whiteboard videos allows brands to transform complicated topics into engaging, easy-to-remember videos that help you generate leads, brand awareness, and conversions! Gifs are one of the most versatile digital adverting tools, easier to create, and cheaper to prepare than videos, and have a lot more to offer than an image. Our graphic experts create amazing looking GIFs that bring your brand, the attention it deserves.

App Demo Video

Just launched an app? Need people to know more about it? Create an app demo video to better demonstrate the inner workings of your application. Explaining your app with a video can greatly help improve user flow and interaction. Well, all you got to do is share the idea and the interpretation behind the app with our team, and they’ll create an excellent demo video to help your audience get familiar with the functions and operations of the app.

Viral Video Advertising

A successful viral video can help brands engage with consumers on a much more global scale than a TV ad with the added benefit of being much cheaper to produce. Many of the most successful viral marketing campaigns have succeeded in personifying their brand and presenting that to audiences effectively. You can too with our extensive viral marketing experience.