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What we do

We at heeD support exceptional ideas and impactful solutions targetted in the fields of health, education, environment and development. Engage with us and let’s move our world forward.


heeD is an initiative of Trace Venture Private Limited, a group of individuals and investors who have come together to curate solutions that don’t just have great market potential but also impact lives. Urged on by the current economic and societal climate, the combined vision of our founding partners assumed an added significance. Keeping in mind the need for decisive action and deliberation we conceptualised a roadmap for the need of the hour, a call to action, a way forward – the heeD four-pillar model. Our unique four-pronged model reflects our collective approach to accelerate practical and sustainable growth in high-impact industries.


Patient-centric solutions for healthtech

Incubating innovative solutions for the next generation of healthcareTechnological innovation in healthtech can pave the way forward for wide-ranging and impactful advancements – from the convenience of telemedicine to more accurate data-driven diagnoses to all that the Internet of Medical Things has to offer. The healthcare space is set to see sweeping changes with immense implications and far-reaching effects. At heeD we work towards realising tech-driven solutions for healthtech, a cornerstone in our vision for a better future for humankind.


Innovative approaches to edtech

Creating avenues for the next generation of innovationEducation isn’t expensive, ignorance is. With astonishing transformations in edtech, e-learning models and education globally, is poised to transform substantially. From augmented reality in pedagogic intervention to online tutoring and virtual classrooms, seemingly ‘invisible innovations’ in edtech have the potential to become force multipliers for a nation. Here at heeD we believe that creating unique approaches and avenues for edutech is central to empowering the innovators of the future.


Clean concepts for a greener future

Accelerating clean concepts for a greener futureThe environment is what we all have in common. With growing populations and associated affects on the environment more apparent, the need for innovation has never been more urgent. Mitigating human impact on the planet using emerging environment-friendly technologies cannot be done in isolation and requires collaboration and cooperation across borders and geographies. Building and supporting ideas that mitigate human impact on the earth is essential for a greener planet and one of the key goals we at heeD aim to enable.


Transformative ideas for developmental challenges

Initiating technologically transformative ideas for development challenges The development sector presents a set of amalgamated challenges – health, education and environment focussed solutions that comes as a result of combining the above mentioned pillars. Technology in the social sector has the ability to level the playing field – for nonprofits, developing countries and local communities alike. At heeD one of our core targets is capacitating transformative ideas towards a more equitable future of development.

heeD is an impact accelerator working towards enabling technology-based entrepreneurship founded in our four key pillars – health, education, environment and development. We create ecosystems for cutting-edge ideas to amplify and grow their impact, by providing tools, building networks, and connecting them to investment.

Why HeeD?

By working within the four pillars heeD’s model ensures the ideas we support can leverage - a razor-sharp focus on product development, pinpoint networks and peer groups and dedicated guidance from luminaries in respective fields. heeD offers the unique value of an entrepreneurial ecosystem combined with domain expertise for founders and organisations. An in-depth understanding of the nuances of the industries and technologies we work with provides heeD and our partners the edge in tackling the world’s most pressing problems.

We fine tune ideas at differing stages – providing product development expertise, calibrating the correct go-to-market strategy, scrutinising potential scalability of solutions along with a host of other value additions. We understand that each idea and industry comes with unique challenges of it’s own. We believe that funding is one thing but commitment is everything.

Focused initiatives

As part of heeD’s vision, we have chosen three focussed initiatives :

In the face of the current pandemic, global agencies, governments and communities are reimagining healthcare delivery across the world. With most developing countries having less than one doctor per thousand persons, the need to mobilise digital innovations, especially telemedicine, has never been more pressing. Telemedicine creates accessibility in the delivery of holistic healthcare services remotely and also opens up avenues for more patient-centric care through customer-facing AI-powered apps and data-driven diagnostics.

Telehealth holds the key to bridging resource gaps and overcoming the critical challenges faced by the health sector today. The advent of blockchain technologies, developments in AI and telecommunications advances have seen telehealth go through a striking evolution in the last decade, becoming an increasingly important part of the global healthcare infrastructure. Given the unique challenges this form of healthcare delivery addresses we foresee rural communities being at the helm of this transformation. We at heeD believe that virtual care offers a lifeline to an already distressed global healthcare infrastructure and we intend to be at the frontlines of the future of healthcare delivery.
Individuals, communities and governments alike, often ignore mental health. The recent Covid-19 crisis has brought with it more than just a deadly virus, with job losses, food insecurity and social isolation taking its toll, the threat of a mental health crisis looms large. The gap in psychiatrist per population ratio is over a hundred times worse (when compared to general care) for most developing countries, a startling 0.5 psychiatrist per 100,000 persons in some countries!

On the flipside, video and mobile therapy, chatbots, virtual reality apps, and a host of other innovations are rapidly moving mental health beyond the psychiatrist’s couch. Technology has opened up new frontiers for mental health, pushing digital therapeutics to the forefront and placing them in people’s pockets. With increasing advancements in mobile mental health, the category has expanded to include a suite of wellness products and services as well. Digital technology presents us with new opportunities to deliver mental health services differently, enabling more people to access the treatment and support they need. We believe that the next generation of mental healthcare and wellbeing will be more mobilised, decentralised and personalised.
Primary healthcare is the gateway, the first level of contact for individuals and communities with the healthcare system. Trends in patient, provider and industry all point to the adoption of digital technologies in preventive and primary healthcare. From technologies that allow people to manage their personal health more conveniently, to increased accuracy in diagnosing disease, to monitoring the impact of policies on populations’ health, digital health technologies are having a profound effect on how primary health care services function.

The methods to hacking health with innovation are limitless – from the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) to on-camera consultations to virtual reality clinics. In rural communities, mobile health interventions have already helped localise and personalise health-tech innovation. Primary healthcare is often the first step in the realisation of rural health needs and rural-focussed healthtech solutions can make access to diagnostics far easier than before. heeD’s combined experience in working in policy and advocacy has taught us that primary health care has the innate ability of drawing in a wide range of stakeholders to review and change policies to address the changing social, economic, environmental and commercial determinants of health and well-being.

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Invest early in the life of tech-driven companies and accelerate ideas through incubating, investing and preparing go-to-market strategy.



Seed technology solutions to solve global healthcare, environment, education and developmental problems.



Support digital ecosystems which can promote sustainable socio-economic development through disruptive technologies .



Partner with state governments to build state-of-the-art heeD AI labs and deploy focus-driven intiaitives.

The Heed Community

Prof. Virander Singh Chauhan

Scientist and Scholar

Professor Virander Chauhan is a visionary scientist and Rhodes scholar working in the field of genetic engineering and biotechnology. Widely recognised for his contributions to the development of a recombinant vaccine for malaria, the Government of India (GoI) honored him in 2012 with the fourth highest Indian civilian award – the prestigious Padma Shri. Virander Chauhan was the leader of the workgroup engaged in the development of a vaccine during his early years in the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB). His pioneering research also assisted in the understanding of Artemisinin and Chloroquine, drugs used in the treatment of Malaria.

Prof. Mahesh Nirmalan

Vice Dean for Social Responsibility

Professor Mahesh Nirmalan is a Professor of Medical Education and Consultant in Critical Care Medicine at Manchester Royal Infirmary. He has served as Director of Clinical Placements (Commissioning and Quality Management) and as academic lead at Manchester Medical School until July 2015...

Dr. Shirshendu Mukherjee

Microbiologist and Mission Director (DBT, BIRAC, BMGF-WELLCOME TRUST)

Trained as a medical microbiologist, Dr. Shirshedu Mukherjee holds a Ph.D in microbiology alongwith a graduate degree in Law. Having undertaken advanced and high-level academic courses at the prestigious Indian Institute of Management (Kolkata) and from Said Business School, University of Oxford.

Sridhar Seshadri

Co-founder & CTO of Spotflock

An artificial intelligence platform company located out of Hyderabad.

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