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Graphic Design

Graphic design helps bring brands to life, lending businesses the essential element of visual communication. Combining creative flair and an artistic panache with the latest in technological and design trends, our graphic designers plug into client requirements swiftly and are equipped to meet briefs of all shapes and sizes.

Our design teams are veterans of visual communication bringing with them a host experience catering to various local and international industries - Health, Fashion, Education, Logistics, Information Technologies, Food & Beverages, Tourism, NGOs, and individual artists as well.

Branding & Logos

There’s a lot more to a company’s brand image than just the name. Over the ages, logo art has defined and impacted music, art, sports and commerce in general. Logos create and follow trends over time. We offer logo designs, unique styles, and color themes, ensuring consistency throughout all of your print and digital touch points. Our designers create 2D, 3D and animated logo designs that best reflect your business identity.

Package Design

Good packaging protects your product; great packaging enhances your brand. Our designers create the perfect packages for your products, designs that not only inform customers, but also invoke feelings and communicate emotions. Whether you are looking for a peppy packing design or an elegant one, let us wrap it up for you


Need the data to drive home the message? Liven up your info with an appealing and easy-to-digest infographic. Your data speaks volumes with a visual language of it’s own, our team of highly skilled graphic designers can help you create infographics for everything from websites to campaigns to social media.


The role and value of the poster has evolved continuously over the past century to meet changing societal needs. Even in the digital age, with fast-shrinking attention spans, a poster can create the all-important micro-impact that your communication strategy needs. Be it for a website, a movie or an organization, our posters will keep your audiences posted about your message.

Layout Designs

Arrangement is everything, whether you’re building a website or a mobile app, the first thing created is a design layout. Our designers make use of Adobe XD to build you an interactive design layout. Unlike layouts built using photoshop, you can interact with these XD layouts/prototypes and see how the end product would look and feel.

Advert Designs

Actions speak louder than words and adverts speak even louder than actions! Our designers create custom adverts for a broad spectrum of clients showcasing their unique selling points across all mediums - print, online, billboards and magazines.

Book Cover Designs

They say never judge a book by its cover but isn’t that something we all do? So, getting a book cover that is appealing, yet true to the message of the book is very important. Our designers have designed book covers for writers, authors, journalists and organizations around the world.

T-Shirt Designs

Need a fresh t-shirt design for your clothing brand? Or maybe company tees for your team and staff? We love creating custom bespoke t-shirts, no templates, only original designs. After conceptualizing, each design is evaluated, touched up, and proofed to make sure it's the custom design that fits our client’s best.

Stationery Design

Personalised designs for the workplace are essential to create a professional impact, whether it is your company letterhead or the envelope it came in. We take into account all the brand aesthetics for your stationery needs – from business cards to office supplies, we design for an inspiring workplace.

Brochures, Catalogues, Banners, and Standees

Beautiful brochures, creative catalogues, beaming banners and stunning standees, these are just some of the collaterals our team can do for you. Experienced with international clients from across industries, our design and communications team is adept at creating eye-catching, attention-grabbing graphics that make your communication collaterals come to life.

Presentations & Reports

Bringing your amazing ideas home is something we pride ourselves on doing. Be it that really important report or that professional presentation. We incorporate your concepts, strategies and ideas and showcase them to their fullest potential.

Wedding Cards

We understand what that special day in our client’s lives means to them, which is why we carefully craft our wedding cards to suit the couples we work with. We’ve designed for happy couples across the globe and take great pride in making elegant save-the-dates and wedding cards for your all-important nuptials.

Event Flyers

Need to let people know when your next gig is happening? Or maybe you need to spread the word through your team for a corporate event? We like to have fun too and we got the flyest designs for your events.